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In this campaign (setting), I’m aiming for an Old Norse religious flavor. There are differences, of course, the changed identities of the gods and mythos monsters.

So. If religion is only created to comfort Man, what sort of things do the people in my world need to feel unafraid of?

  • Ravagers and monsters; the safety of their homes and children.
  • Children being born Warped; or kidnapped by monsters or other parties.
  • Themselves- it’s never discussed, but everyone knows that sometimes someone will just explode with WarpTaint, and fall to their inner Beast- luckily these random WarpSpawn are never very powerful,and even a militia can kill them in most cases. Almost never.
  • Psyker awakenings. They can be quiet and subtle, or they can burn out the minds of an entire village, or county (usually only Chosen causes that)- leaving everyone mindless wrecks, shells of their former selves just pointlessly repeating their last actions before being blasted (forever? The University has been investigating… But aren’t they always?) out of their bodies.
  • Blight enroachments/ crop failures.


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